Something from the file cabinet.
This is early Scott McCloud artwork, an illustration he did in the very early 1980s, before either of us had broken in to the comics business. It was, if I’m remembering correctly, for an article I did for one of New Media/Irjax’s magazines, either Comics Feature or LoC. The article was discussing Henry Kuttner’s novel Mutant, and the ways it may have inspired the creation of the X-Men. There was a sidebar, done at the editor’s request, discussing the then-popular Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean M. Auel, riffing off an oft-asked question in the original run of X-Men: “What did the last Neanderthal say to the first Cro-Magnon?”
This was our answer.
[If you’d like to see it larger, with all the age-staining brought into great focus for your edification and amusement, click here.]
I have a bunch of this stuff—early artwork by me, Scott, our pal Adam Philips (now in Marketing at DC Comics) and more, and I’ll throw some up here from time to time. I asked Scott for the original to this back when he did it, and have kept it all these years because I’ve always liked the matter-of-fact expressions on these fellows’ faces.

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