High School Knights

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More art from the late 1970s, this time by me.
Above are The Phenomenals, a superhero team Scott and I created—I can still remember that among them are Striker, Cirrus, Thrombor, Kinetika, Starflare, Kilgore (the bad guy), Zero and…um, I don’t remember who the others were. Scott created some of them, including Thrombor the Human Superball, Zero and the guy with the diamond-shaped goggles whose name I can’t remember, and I created most of the others, I think.
This was drawn in 1977, it says here. I really liked Jim Starlin’s elaborate montages, does it show?
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And this is Falstaff, who I’m pretty sure was a character Scott created—a kind of a “holy fool” who charged into dangerous situations without much strategy or sense, but had a “luck” power that would have him do just the right thing, usually by mistake. This is probably from 1978 or 1979, and you can see that I liked Neal Adams’s work at least as much as I liked Jim Starlin’s. This was the part of doing the art that I liked—figures and costumes and explosions. And hey, look, I drew in my own Zip-a-tone, by hand! When I tried to get serious about drawing backgrounds, like curbs and fire hydrants and building foundations, I rapidly discovered that I wanted to tell stories far more than I wanted to draw illustrations.

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