Through The Mail Slot


From Nikko Elliott:
How much longer is the Sterling North Book & Film Festival going to be “Tentative”? That’s your only possible appearance that’s close enough for me to make the drive and this “Tentative” status is driving me insane!
Sorry about that, Nikko. The fine folks at the Sterling North Festival have invited me, and I’ve accepted, but there’s some paperwork they need to send me and I don’t have it yet. Once they send it, that “Tentative” should go away pretty quickly. In the meantime, I’d think you’d be safe in planning to attend. It’s really just formalities that have to be dealt with at this point.
And now, two questions about Redhand, a series of two graphic novels I did with the amazingly-talented Mario Alberti for the French graphic novel publisher Humanoids.
First, from Alix Bergeret of

I was wondering if a volume 3 for your Redhand series was planned, and if so when is it due?
Thanks a lot for your time!
I don’t know what the current plans are, Alix. Mario and I only had a two-volume contract, to start with, and we had intended to do more, but first I was too busy, with the DC exclusive, and then Mario was busy, with the Spider-Man/X-Men mini-series he did for Marvel, plus other work, to the point that we wouldn’t be able to do a third volume on a schedule that was soon enough for the publisher. So we agreed that Humanoids could proceed with another writer and artist, and that’s the last I know of any plans. If they are working on a third volume, I haven’t heard about it.
From David B. Mitchell:

I contacted the publishers of Redhand and they said they have no plans to publish it in English. Do you know if that’s likely to change?
The last I heard, there were plans to publish some of the Humanoids material in English through Devil’s Due. That was part of the reason there was some time pressure to do a third volume—with each volume only forty-some pages long, the feeling was that a third volume was needed to have enough pages to do a trade paperback collection. So it may be that with only two volumes, they elected not to include it in the Devil’s Due program, or perhaps something else happened to it.
Publishing rights are entirely with Humanoids, so it’s up to them—and, of course, any American publishers they deal with—what they do with the material.

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