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Back before the sublime Tamara Drewe and Gemma Bovery—and if you haven’t read those, you’ve missed some wonderful, wonderful work, particularly Tamara Drewe—British cartoonist Posy Simmonds did a weekly comic strip in the newspaper The Guardian that ran from May, 1977 until sometime in the late 1980s. Somewhere in the neighborhood of a full decade of Simmonds cartooning. I get all itchy thinking about ten years’ worth of this stuff.
Wikipedia describes it thusly: “The strip focused on three 1950s schoolfriends in their later, middle-class and nearly middle-aged lives: Wendy Weber, a former nurse married to polytechnic sociology lecturer George with a large brood of children; Jo Heep, married to whisky salesman Edmund with two rebellious teenagers; and Trish Wright, married to philandering advertising executive Stanhope with a young baby.”
There were four book collections and an original album featuring the characters, but the one book I have, the 1979 Mrs. Weber’s Diary, is clearly chopped up and abridged, full of gorgeous stuff but an editorial mess.
The panels above are from that book, so they’re early in the strip, and as you can see, beautifully drawn. And there’s something like ten years’ worth of this out there, this good or better.
Want to see more? Here’s more:
Gorgeous, right? And smart. And there’s ten years of that out there somewhere. Ten years!
I want The Complete Posy. Someone out there could do it. Fantagraphics? Top Shelf? D&Q? IDW? Someone else? I don’t care. I want The Complete Posy. I am unreasoning on the subject. I just want it. I want to read it, I want to own it, I want to have it on my bookshelves in nice handsome editions. I want it.
Who’s with me?

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