Design Magic

A little bit of (unused) design from The Wizard’s Tale.
The Wizard’s Tale is a graphic novel by me and artist David Wenzel (who did the Hobbit graphic novel), about an evil wizard who doesn’t really have the heart to be evil, but it’s a longstanding family tradition. It was originally done for Eclipse Comics, and originally published by Wildstorm after Eclipse went out of business. Now it’s being reissued in a handsome new edition from IDW this January. A bigger book, on better paper, relettered (and rescripted here and there) with completely remastered art color-corrected by Dave to ensure the best fidelity to his originals, a new book design by Comicraft’s Senior Design Wizard John Roshell—and even a new three-page epilogue to the story, by me and Dave. And an updated, improved recipe for Sunshine Cake, to boot!
This bit here, designed by the above-mentioned J.G. (art by Dave, of course), won’t actually be going into the book—we went in a different direction with the title page—but it’s so pretty I had to share.

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