A Wizardly Preview

I’ve showed off some design pages from the upcoming new edition of The Wizard’s Tale, coming in late January from IDW. But now that it’s all done and off to press, I figured I’d show off some of the interior pages—newly lettered, remastered, color-corrected by artist David Wenzel—in all their lush, painterly glory.
So here’s the first eight pages. Click on each page for a closer view.
To be continued!
Just for good measure, here’s the cover…
That’s The Wizard’s Tale, by me and David T. Wenzel. Reissued this January in a handsome new edition from the good folks at IDW. A bigger book, on better paper, relettered (and rescripted here and there) with completely remastered art color-corrected by Dave to ensure the best fidelity to his originals, a new book design by Comicraft’s Senior Design Wizard John Roshell—and even a new three-page epilogue to the story, by me and Dave. And an updated, improved recipe for Sunshine Cake, to boot! Looks great, doesn’t it? Ask for it by name, at comics stores, bookstores or (if you don’t have local options) your favorite online retailer.

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