This Just In

I just received a comp copy of Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Volume 2, containing my second published “Tales of the GLC” story, penciled and inked by comics great Don Heck. This was the only time I ever got to work with Don, and I was thrilled with the job he did, and even more thrilled that he got to do full art on it. I own a couple of pages of original art from the story, and they’re treasured possessions—along with a personalized convention sketch of Hawkeye Don did at a 1993 convention I didn’t attend, but friends of mine got the sketch for me as a gift, and it now hangs on the wall to my left, watching over me as I fail to get enough done.
Anyway, the book also contains GLC stories by Alan Moore, Len Wein, Todd Klein, Mike Baron, Gil Kane, Dave Gibbons, Marshall Rogers and others, all under a Brian Bolland cover, so it’s a very nice package. It must be on sale soon, if not available already.
My first GLC story—my first pro sale, even—was solicited as appearing in the first volume of this series, but didn’t make it in, for some reason involving film availability, or something. So it’s a treat to have this one. If they do a third volume, I’ve got another GLC story, drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Joe Rubinstein, and maybe that one’ll get reprinted, too.
In the meantime, thanks to Geoff Johns, Pete Tomasi, Ivan Reis, and all the others who’ve made Green Lantern high-profile enough to support these books!

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