Scoop This, Eh?


A reader named Rick writes in:
Hi Kurt,
If anyone can rival Tom Brevoort when it comes to their Avengers history, it’s you.
I’ve been trying to identify what comic books the two attached jpgs were taken from. I thought I’d ask the master, as I’m confident that at least one of them was written by you.
Page 1:
Page 2:
Ideally, I’m looking for the exact issue #. But failing that, a rough guesstimate based on likely storyarc will at least point me in the right direction.
In this case, I don’t think either Tom or I would have to strain our memories—that first page is page 9 of Avengers vol. 3 #4, by me, George PĂ©rez and Al Vey, colored by Tom Smith, edited by Tom. The second is page 10 of #19, same creators. I’d add in the lettering of Comicraft, but someone’s blurred it out for some reason, and what’s under the blurring has been altered from the original script anyway (for instance, Thor doesn’t speak in our version of panel 2 of the second page).
But the copyright notice for “” cracks me up.
Still, there’s you answer, Rick. Hope it helps!
ADDENDUM: Rik writes back in to add:

“Both pages are the subject of parodies published on ScoopThis back in 1999 (hence the blurred text), and will be redone properly in higher res for an upcoming relaunch.”
He also notes that the copyright notice is from back then, as well, when they didn’t really understand what copyright meant.
I’ve seen the full parody now, and it was pretty funny. I’ll post a link here when they’re ready for their Grand Reopening.

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