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A few updates and corrections from yesterday’s post…
No sooner do I get a question asking me if I’d bring Triathlon back, were I writing an Avengers title, do we learn that Triathlon apparently is already on the way back, as a character in the new Atlas series by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman.
He’s wearing a version of the 3-D Man’s original costume, and going by the name “3-D Man,” but since that’s clearly a black man, I think it’s safe to assume that’s Delroy Garrett, Jr., formerly Triathlon, and not Hal and/or Chuck Chandler, the brothers who made up the original 3-D Man.
Or…is it?
We can find out in May. Jeff’s been doing a great job with the Agents of Atlas characters from the start, and Gabriel Hardman’s a terrific artist, so it ought to be a fun ride, whatever the answer is.

In the last blog entry, I also put up a bunch of links to Amazon listings of various comics- and writing-related books, and said that no one has ever bought anything from Amazon via this site. And it turns out I was lying to you. It’s a foul, dastardly lie!
It would be more accurate to say I haven’t seen any money from putting Amazon links on this website. Yet. But I’m about to.
The way it works is this: I’m an “Amazon Associate,” so I’ve got an account that allows me to put up links to Amazon, and if any of you fine readers follows those links and goes to the Amazon site, I count as having “referred” you to Amazon for that visit. So if you buy the books I provided the links for, I get a tiny percentage of what you spend. Or if you look at those books, decide you don’t want them and poke around Amazon some more and find other stuff to buy, that still counts as me referring you and I still get a cut. Anything you buy during that visit to the Amazon site, I benefit.
The last time Amazon sent me an earnings report, they said I didn’t earn anything; no one had bought anything via the links here. But today, I went over and looked, and hoo boy, I’m gonna be rich! My current Amazon earning show up at the staggering figure of…$6.02!
The reason I didn’t know that is that the way my particular account works, every time my earnings hit ten bucks, Amazon will e-mail me a ten dollar gift certificate. And that hasn’t happened yet.
But it’s about to, it seems. Because I’ve earned another $6.65 this month alone, and it’s not even half over yet! I’m on a roll!
So presumably at the end of this month, I’ll be over ten bucks, and get a gift certificate (or two, if more people buy stuff). I suppose it would only be fair, in the light of recent events, to buy Macmillan books with it, in solidarity with my friends who work at (or are published by) St. Martin’s and Tor, but we’ll have to see.
But just for fun, here’s a report on just what’s sold through the mighty commercial engine that is this site:
Between July and September of last year, we were part of the sale of:

Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween (Jeph, Tim, you’re welcome)
Astro City: Life in the Big City (woo!)
Speak of the Devil by Gilbert Hernandez
Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies (Jeph again!)
Superman/Batman Vol. 4: Vengeance (Jeph, dude, you owe me a beer)


Skullcandy EH17-SKC34 Smokin’ Bud Earphone, Pink (schweet!)

Between October and December. we moved:

Astro City: The Dark Age, Book One
Astro City: Confession
We3 (great book!)

And all that together accounts for the $6.02.
Ah, but this year to date, here’s what we’ve “referred” some of you to:

Batman: Gothic (still my favorite Grant Morrison Batman story so far)
Just Kids by Patti Smith (cool!)
Paris Trout by Pete Dexter
Saga of the Swamp Thing: Volume 1 by Moore, Bissette & Totleben
Swamp Thing Vol. 2: Love and Death by Moore, Bissette, Totleben & McManus
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
The Liberty Project (woo-hoo! sold another one, Nat!)
The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris
X-Men: Mutant Genesis by Claremont, Byrne & Lee


One Life Stand by Hot Chip
Stylo (Album Version) (feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack) by Gorillaz (yes!)

…which puts me up at a cool $12.90, and reassures me that readers have both excellent and eclectic tastes.
[And yes, I did put up active links to all of those books; who knows who might need a new Smokin’ Bud Earphone, or wants to read some Patti Smith, and just needs a nudge?]
I will stress, though, that I have no way of knowing who bought what, so if you feel like clicking through here to buy Playboy: Sexiest Amateur Home Videos, Vol. 2 or, say, The Greatest Love Songs of All Time, well, I’ll never know it was you.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go add a few recent books to the Shop page, like Spider-Man/Mary Jane:…You Just Hit The Jackpot and Marvels: Eye Of The Camera Premiere HC

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