Free Lunch at MoCCA?


Attention, MoCCA attendees!
Here’s the thing. This morning, Heidi MacDonald posted a guide to good eats—er, “fine dining”—for those attending this year’s MoCCA Festival. Among the places recommended was Lamazou, at Third Avenue and 27th, where you can get fine sandwiches, including the culinary wonder pictured above.
That sandwich looks delicious. I want that sandwich. I can’t go to MoCCA, and can’t duplicate Lamazou’s own cheeses, sure, but I’d like to make that sandwich, or something like it. So my question is, what’s in it?
Heidi guessed it’s Serrano ham and Manchego cheese with cornichons and sundried tomatoes on ciabatta bread. The cornichons, I’ll grant her. The ciabatta bread, quite possibly. But that doesn’t look like Seranno ham to me, or to Ann. And is that very roughly ground mustard? What’s the white spread? More cheese? Butter?
So here’s why I’m saying all this:
If someone attending MoCCA is willing to go to Lamazou with that picture, order that sandwich, and then tell me what’s in it (and how it tasted), I’ll buy the sandwich. And a drink. And what the hell, chips, if they even do those.
This isn’t an open offer—I don’t want to buy 300 lunches. I need a volunteer, who’s willing to do this. You’ll need to get me the ingredients list for the sandwich, a report on how good it is, and a scan of your receipt, and I’ll Paypal you the cost of your meal.
Please volunteer via the “Contact” link over to the left. First willing volunteer gets the gig, and the lunch.
I really want to know what’s in that sandwich. It looks amazing.

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