“I keep telling you, this isn’t ‘a few birds’!”


I’ve been letting the blog languish while I’ve been getting work done, enjoying the birth of a new baseball season and, um, discovering Twitter.
It’s all Neil Gaiman’s fault. Not the baseball, the Twitter. While I’d been recovering from surgery, one of the ways I passed the time was to read through Neil’s blog, all howevermany years of it. I didn’t hunker down and go through the whole thing non-stop, I just browsed through it here and there, filling the time while I wasn’t up to doing other stuff. And Neil’s got a little side panel on his blog with a Twitter feed, showing his latest tweets. So I got a double-dose of Gaiman, reading blog posts from years ago and tweets from minutes ago—and eventually, the blog posts and the tweets converged, as the blog reached the present day and therre you go, I was done. But I’d gotten used to seeing the tweets, and now I wasn’t seeing them any more, except when Neil would post a new blog entry and I’d get that through Google Reader, and that wasn’t quite the same thing.
So I started to think, hmm. Maybe I should check out this Twitter thing, see who else’s tweets I’d like to keep up with.
And to be fair, TV’s Craig Ferguson reading and replying to viewer tweets on The Late Late Show had something to do with it too.
So I signed up for Twitter, thinking maybe I could just law low and read, and within seconds, Heidi MacDonald was telling the world here I was on Twitter, and to follow my sad, uninspired tweetage. It must have been a slow news year, because it made Robot6 as well.
And now I’m following about a hundred people, and [checks] 1,237 people (or spambots) are following me, and I’m seeing stuff I never would have seen that I’m glad I saw and am in contact with people I ordinarily see once or twice a year at cons, if that, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. And there are delights I wouldn’t have imagined, like Tom Hanks tweeting pictures from the production offices and location scouting of Larry Crowne, the movie he’s currently making. [And his exposé of snack trays at the major talk shows was enchanting, and well, informative-but-not-really-useful-I’d-imagine, as well.] So I’m enjoying it, even now that I’m back to getting work done.
Oh, dear. I’ve responded to Gail Simone. New followers are appearing like bursting, fluffy kernels of popcorn. 1,239. No, 1,242.
Should you like to join in, I’m @KurtBusiek, and I make no promises.
This was going to be a “Through the Mail Slot” entry, but it seems to be long enough by itself, so let me pop in a different illustration, and I’ll do the mail next.
No, 1,247.

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