The End Is Nigh

This Wednesday sees the release of Astro City: The Dark Age Book Four #4. The grand finalé (or to some of you, the grand “finally!”) of our biggest, longest, most ambitious epic. Years in the making! Crammed with characters new and old! More mean streets than Brent ever wanted to draw! Heroes! Aliens! Cosmic forces! Vigilantes! Lunatic kneaded-eraser men! Killers! Catastrophe! Conspiracies! And at the center of it all, two brothers, buffeted by the winds of fate and obsession.
If you’ve been enjoying it, here it is—the climactic episode!
If you haven’t been enjoying it, here it is—over at last!
Either way, here’s where it all ends. Charles and Royal find their resolutions. Will they be good ones? Or bad? It’s a story so big Alex did two covers for it! Wednesday tells the tale.

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