Hey. Did you like How to Train Your Dragon? How about Lilo & Stitch?
If so, you’re probably a fan of Chris Sanders, the artist/animator/director/voice-of-Stitch who co-wrote and directed them.
And if you don’t know about Kiskaloo, you’d probably like that, too. [Actually, if you do know about Kiskaloo, you probably like it already, but don’t need me to tell you about it.]
Kiskaloo is a web-comic Sanders did. one that didn’t run nearly long enough (though to be fair, the man was busy with other very worthwhile things), but what’s there is, as they say, cherce. It centers on the adventures of a young girl named Sesi, a troublesome one-eyed cat, and—
Well, it’s far better to find out by reading it. You can start here.
I don’t know Sanders. I’ve never met him. I just like his movies an awful lot. And I’m posting this because it’s funny, and more people should read it.


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