Yeah, I know I haven’t been blogging much, and I should post something about the Astro City movie deal. But I’m still recovering from San Diego. What a fun—but exhausting—convention!
In the meantime, since Tom Brevoort just told me, I’ll tell you: Next February, Marvel will collect Thor: Godstorm, the mini-series I did with Steve Rude and Mike Royer, in a spiffy hardcover! I’m very pleased—I’m proud of the book, it looks gorgeous, and it was well-received. It’ll be nice to have it on the shelf. So thank you, Kenneth Branagh and Marvel Studios, for creating a situation in which more Thor collections in bookstores sounded like a good idea!
[And thanks to Tom and whoever else at Marvel chose this one.]
It’s a series of interlinked stories—one from the era of myth, one from Thor’s early days with the Avengers and one from then-current “Jake Olson” era—as an ancient mythic threat rears its head in multiple forms, goaded on by the machinations of Loki (who else?). Steve Rude set out to channel the spirit of Kirby, and did so really well. Tom tells me the story will be backed up with a 10-page “Tales of Asgard” story by Tom deFalco and Mike Mignola. So it ought to be a nice package.
Okay, back to digging out. Only 77 e-mails to go…

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