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I seem finally to be getting a handle on this cough (of course, I’ve thought that before), so let’s use a little of this returning energy and catch up on blog e-mail.

Okay, so my Silver Agent/Old Soldier prediction was off (and I suspected as much after you said about my theory, “It’s an interesting idea, at least.”), but after finishing the second part of the Silver Agent story I couldn’t have been more glad about being wrong. For the second time, one of your stories has brought me to tears (the first time was with “Shining Armor”).
Your writing is so rich and engrossing. I can’t fully express what your stories mean to me, so I’ll just say that if you ever need a kidney don’t hesitate to ask.
Thanks very much, Nikko. Any day I can bring a grown man to tears is my kinda day. Very glad you liked it.
And mmmmmm, kidneys!

Hi Kurt! We had a great time at Baltimore Comic-Con last weekend, but we missed you! I think it’s been a couple years since you attended and we’d really like to see you there again. Next year’s is Aug. 20-21!
I went to Tom Brevoort’s panel and suggested an Avengers Forever by you with the advert “Bendis Never Happened!” That got a laugh, but hopefully I planted a seed. 😉
By the way, loved Silver Agent and ASM Annual 37! Having another Untold was great! More please!
No current plans for either more Untold Tales of Spider-Man or an Avengers Forever by me, Shawn, but I guess you never know. Both would be fun projects, but at least for now I’m up to my gills in other work.
And Baltimore’s a great show. I’m not doing as many shows as I used to—I’d rather stay home and spend time with my family and with my deadlines—but I’d love to be back someday.

I get most of my comics bound into big books, and am about to bind my second Astro City book. I was wondering if you had any suggestion of order or should I just go by date is was released. What order would you do a table of contents as?
Here are the series I am binding together.
Local Heroes
#1 (Supersonic)
Visitor’s Guide
Flip Book
Dark Age Book 1
Dark Age Book 2
Samaritan Special
Beautie Special
Dark Age Book 3
Dark Age Book 4
Silver Agent

It’s your book, Robin, so it’s entirely up to you. I’d be tempted to get all the Dark Age material together in one clump, rather than have the character specials in-between, but if you’re doing everything else chronologically, I can see why you might not want to do that. I will point out, though, that the Samaritan Special came out between Dark Age Books 1 and 2, not between 2 and 3. [And I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t remember when the Visitor’s Guide came out.
Anyone got any suggestions for how Robin should arrange the books? Feel free to make any suggestions on the Message Board.

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