The Ferret’s Tale


From my pal Nat Gertler, head honcho at About Comics, home to an eclectic and fascinating selection of comics and other material, comes some pretty terrific news.
Robert Mayer, the author of the brilliant Superfolks, has a new novel out. I haven’t read it yet myself, but I’m eager to get to it—everything I’ve read by Mayer has been terrific, and Superfolks was a revelation, over time changing my outlook on both superheroes and on writing, and making it possible for me to write Marvels, Astro City, Superman: Secret Identity and more.
Here’s Nat’s press release:

Robert Mayer, the acclaimed author whose Superfolks changed the course of superhero fiction, has just released The Ferret’s Tale, a serious, dramatic, psychological novel told from the point of view of a ferret named Cleo.
Ezra Wroth is a man of today, a master of science but facing his own mortality, struggling with an array of uncertainties. His children are adults with more exuberance than wisdom, his own past holds dark secrets, and the world around him has plans for him he cannot imagine. Into his life comes Cleo, a ferret who understands him better than he understands himself… or is what is happening not quite what it seems?
The Ferret’s Tale is a story of the human struggle, of love and war, sorrow and joy, death and renewal, faith and doubt. That’s probably more than readers expect from a book narrated by a ferret… but then, they probably also don’t expect the robots in such a book, nor the Nazis.
Mayer has written for Vanity Fair, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, GQ, and more. Best-selling author John Grisham called his The Dreams of Ada “a fascinating book, a wonderful reminder of how good true-crime writing can be.” Mayer lives in New Mexico with his tapestry-weaving wife, La Donna, and their people-loving pit bull.
This novel is the first effort of Combustoica, a new non-comics project of About Comics, a decade-old publishing and packaging firm. About Comics was the publisher who returned Superfolks to print after decades off the shelves (the book is now in print from St. Martin’s Press). Further books from Mayer and other authors are in the works from Combustoica.
The Ferret’s Tale is available for immediate downloading via the Kindle ($4.99), and the paperback edition ($14.99, ISBN: 978-1456358976) as well as editions for other ebook devices can be ordered through The paperback is also available through Amazon and will soon be available through other online bookstores.


About Comics is a specialty publishing and packaging company with more than a decade in the field. Founded by writer Nat Gertler, About has published everything from totally blank comic books to books of work by mainstream best-seller Charles Schulz and comic shop favorites like Kurt Busiek and Gail Simone. About Comics packaging services have arranged for original material or for reprint rights for a broad range of clients.

Clicky links for ordering are up there in the press release. I urge you to give The Ferret’s Tale a look.

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