Wha’ Hoppen?


Here’s an e-mail I figured I’d deal with separately, so it doesn’t get lost amid the others.

Eric Sellers asks…

Did the forums linked at your website and the Astro City homepage get deleted or moved? I tried accessing them from your website but it said it didn’t exist and then the Astro City homepage link wouldn’t connect with anything.

Yeah, they don’t exist any more.

I’m not 100% sure what happened—it was while I was dealing with some pretty severe fatigue issues, so I wasn’t listening as well as I might when it was explained to me. But I think it had something to do with the forums generating exponentially-growing spam attacks or something, meaning it was taking up more and more server time, and eventually it got too much to handle, and the guys at Comicraft didn’t have the resources to keep running them.

The forum was never quite what I wanted it to be, in any case. There was always a spam problem, so anyone who wanted to register for the boards had to be manually approved by the webmaster, which I think prevented people from signing up and joining in.

What I’m planning to do is, sometime between now and when we’re ready for ASTRO CITY to start coming out again, I’m going to line up another message board for discussions. For now, those “Comment on this in our forum” links are probably still going to hang around, even though they don’t lead anywhere, so that when we have a new forum, we can just slot that in and have the links direct there.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to respond to something, or want to keep up on whatever I’m babbling about at the moment, the best places to find me are:

• on Twitter, where I’m @KurtBusiek
• on Facebook, at The Official Kurt Busiek Page

Since spouting off on Twitter or Facebook is easier than writing a blog entry, even, I’m a lot more active there than here. I hope to change that, in time, but for now, theyr’e good places to find me and/or keep up on what’s new.

* *

Also, in case anyone’s wondering why they signed up for the newsletter and haven’t gotten any, the answer is simple:

There isn’t any newsletter.

Again, there should be one someday,so when this site was being put together, Design Wizard John Roshell put in a sign-up option, and I’ve been dutifully saving e-mail addresses for that happy day when I’ll have a newsletter to send. For now, though, all that exists of it is that list of e-mail addresses.

So don’t let that stop you from signing up for it, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get anything for a while.

* *

And that’s the story of all the stuff that doesn’t exist around here!

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