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The difference between GRIMM and ONCE UPON A TIME:

The one that was created by ex-BUFFY personnel is the one about a hero who discovers they’re the latest in a long line of monster-killers and has to take on the role relatively unprepared, but with the help of an aged mentor and a quirky helper.

And the one created by ex-LOST personnel is the one where everyone’s stuck in a location that’s pleasant on the surface, only there’s a complex mystery going on they have to unravel and lots of flashbacks to their earlier lives before they got stuck in this place.

As for tone, the one created by the Buffyistas feels like BUFFY and ANGEL but at least so far, thinner, and the one created by the Lostians feels like LOST but at least so far, much thinner.

We’re following both, here at Casa Busiek, to see what they develop into. They’re both watchable, though I’m used to Jennifer Morrison from HOUSE, so I keep wanting her to have snappier, faster-paced, smarter dialogue. Or at least be quicker on the uptake.

[On the great FABLES question: I can readily believe that GRIMM isn’t terribly influenced by FABLES, since there aren’t that many similarities and there’s been a spate of fairy-tale movies that could certainly have gotten the genre some notice. ONCE UPON A TIME has more similarities, though, and in the pilot, the fairy tale characters are referred to as “fables” once, which is odd because, well, they’re not. Hard to believe they didn’t pick that (and other things) up from Willingham.]


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