Days of Future…er, Past!


Dame Progress versus Mister Cakewalk! Romeyn Falls, 1903, coming your way in 2013!

Or to put it another way, here’s the cover to ASTRO CITY 5, by Alex Ross. Ain’t it gorgeous?

2 thoughts on “Days of Future…er, Past!

  1. That it is! I see Mr. Ross is tired of people saying that his work is insufficiently kinetic.

    It’s oddly interesting to me that in the scaled down version displayed inline in your post, Dame Progress looks like she is full of enthusiasm and joy, but at full size she just looks angry and irritated. Fascinating.

  2. I´ll be surprised if that magician looking guy is not called “Showtime” or “Showbiz” or something like that…seems he came out of an acid trip during “All that jazz” simply superb

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