The Freelance Life for Me

Thinking about it, I would be a terrible editor in chief.

I wouldn’t look for creators with great ideas, I’d look for creators to realize my great ideas. Which is, right there, a terrible idea. Because creators don’t embrace someone else’s cool idea anywhere near as much as they embrace their own, and they’ll do their best work on the stuff they’re the most passionate about, not the stuff they’re someone else’s mechanic on. Then I’d be disappointed, because they wouldn’t do this second-hand idea as well as I’d hoped, and I’d be grumpy.

So I’d be a grumpy, frustrated and controlling editor in chief. I’d want to quit, and everyone I was supervising would wish I did, too.

So I think it’s a very good thing that nobody’s ever going to be knocking down my door to run a comics company. This way, I get to write my great ideas myself, and my editors just have to endure me. Works pretty well.

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