A New Astro Citizen

Astro City_BanditThe news is breaking today that in ASTRO CITY 12, we’re going to have the first “guest artist” the book has ever had in its 19-year history: Graham Nolan, well-known for Batman, Skywolf, X-Men Forever, Hawkman and lots more, including stints on The Phantom and Rex Morgan, MD.

This is a big step for us—we’ve had pinups by other artists and Brent’s been inked and/or embellished by a few different names, but this is the first Astro City story that doesn’t feature his storytelling. We decided a while ago that it was something we needed to do, to keep the book monthly, but we didn’t want to just go out and get anyone. We wanted the right guy.

We spent, literally, years talking about possibilities. A Graham Nolan’s the right guy, as you can see from the story page below.

Graham and I did an interview or two about it. Check ’em out here and here.


3 thoughts on “A New Astro Citizen

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  2. I love Nolan´s art, he is one of my all time favorite Batman artists; his style is very classic with some great storytelling and good clean looks

  3. To the Mayor’s Office of Astro City

    Dear Sir,

    I applaud your staff’s decision to bring aboard new talent. But I hope that we will still see Mr. Anderson’s work on a regular basis. He is such a huge part of “the feel” of your fair city.

    My only fear is that with the expansion of talent on the book, something might be lost. Neopolis was briefly taken over by a different administration. The results were lackluster.

    Here’s to hoping that you will keep a firm hand on the reins. I was thinking of moving to Astro City when I retire. Cities will always change, we can only hope the quality of life will stay the same.

    Scott Lee Spence.

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