Your Patience Begged…


So, with a new ASTRO CITY out this week, there should be a new online lettercol, yes? Yes.

The reason there’s isn’t, yet…well, I’m dealing with a sprightly, outgoing kidney stone that’s invited itself to stay with me for a while and doesn’t seem eager to go. So between pain pills and alpha blockers, I’m a little…vague at times, and am running a little slower than usual. So this week I’m scrambling to get two scripts done while dealing with the slings and arrows of everyday life (today, the cable guy and spending some time riding shotgun as my eldest got some driving practice in a local roomy church parking lot), and by the time the day cycles down, I’m not really in the right space to do a decent letter column.

So the lettercol will be here, but it might not arrive until the weekend.

In the meantime, all of us here at the Astro City Chamber of Commerce and Street Theater hope you enjoyed #21, and aren’t too tear-stained to be anticipating #22. Please write in and let us know what you thought of it!

As for me, I’m going up to bed to say hi to Dr. House’s friend Vicodin, and challenge my befogged brain with the complex mysteries of NCIS.

But I’ll leave you with a preview (of sorts) of #25…


One thought on “Your Patience Begged…

  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon sir! Your work has been truly an inspiration to me…all I can say is thank you! Good luck with the drivers ed lessons…I have about a year to go still before I’m in the same boat…hang in there and thank you once again!

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