Friday Afternoon Musing

I’ve been hunting up reviews for pull quotes for an ASTRO CITY collection. Finding interesting stuff about my writing flaws. It seems to be a recurrent thing that if I tackle any sort of racial, sexual or political issue, even tangentially, I get points for effort but have invariably done something “wrong.” Often by having a man “lecture” a woman or a white woman lecture a black man, or something along those lines. Or that there are symbols that trump story details in ways that mean I’m arguing for the conventional narrative even when the story details contradict or subvert it.

It’s all interesting, and food for thought. Stories take place between the page and the reader, and everyone brings different perspectives to it all, which is a very cool thing.

And hey, at least I get credit for meaning well, even if I’m also perceived as stumbling. As long as I’m stumbling in the service of going in a good direction.