Conan #9


A reader writes in: “I am currently a student at the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey. I will be graduating in May of 2010, when I hope to start my career as a sequential artist. Right now I’m working on sample pages for some established characters. I would love to do some Conan pages, but I haven’t had any luck finding scripts online. I’m a fan of your work on the Dark Horse series, and I was wondering if it would it be possible to get a script from you for one of your issues?”
Sure, why not? Rather than e-mail one, though I’m putting it up here on the website, where any artists who want to use it for drawing practice—or writers who want a script example, or reader who just wants to read a comics script for the hell of it—can have access to it. I was particularly proud of this issue; I think it’s paced well, has a lot of excitement and charm, and it sets up the sting at the end without foreshadowing it ’til the last minute, so Conan comes off looking smarter than anyone would predict.
Download the script here: Conan 9 script