Happy Astro City Day, everyone!
Not only is the new ASTRO CITY 1, from Vertigo, out in all fine comics stores and on Comixology today, but Comixology also has the first six issues of the series available in digital form, as well—the first issue is free, and the others are a mere $1.99!
It’s right here, just like I was saying!
That means that if you’ve never read the series before (or even if you have!), you can sample it for free, and/or pick up the entire award-winning first volume for around ten bucks.
Ain’t we nice?

Take An Advance Look…

The fine folks at USA TODAY have put up an interview with yours truly, including a 5-page preview of ASTRO CITY#1.
So if you want to get an early look at the Broken Man, American Chibi and some of what’s going on in the book, click on over and take a look:
Busiek Takes Fans on Another Trip Through ‘Astro City’
You can see the rest tomorrow, at finer comics store evvawhere…!