Saturday Morning Stuff

A couple-three small items on a pleasant Saturday morning…
First, I should link to a new interview with me that’s up at Broken Frontier. We talk about everything from my upcoming Marvel stories to Ixar and the Ultroids, and even discuss Woodgod, so proceed at your own risk.
That’s art by Marko Djurdjević from my story in Age of Heroes #1, above.

Second, our spiffy website Contact Line scored this e-mail, from a reader named Dave…
Have been watching the final season of Lost and the “sideways memories” prompted me to go back and read KBAC 1/2, which still stands up as a really powerful and inspiring story for me. Just felt like letting you know you really hit it out of the park with that one.
…and I just figured I’d say “Thanks!”
I haven’t watched Lost since early in the second season—I loved the first season, but just kinda slipped away from it after that. I hear it got back to being compelling and fascinating, but what with one thing and another, I never got back to it. But Dave’s not the first to bring up Astro City #1/2 in comparison to Lost, so once it’s all done and available on DVD, I may have to catch up and see what the fuss is all about.

And third, I figured I’d mention that I’ll be bringing copies of the Superstar: As Seen on TV ashcan edition to the Stumptown Comics Fest this afternoon, to have at my 3PM signing in case anyone wants a signature but didn’t bring anything I wrote.


The ashcan is a nice little package artist Stuart Immonen and I did up for when Superstar (as part of the ill-fated Gorilla Comics) was announced back in 19-aught-99, with a preview of the Superstar GN and a lengthy feature on how the character came to be, along with lots of cool art by Stuart.
On the one hand, I figure this means I’ll have something to sign even for the empty-handed (and I’ll charge a few bucks as a donation to the CBLDF, since that’s what I’m there supporting). On the other hand, Stumptown’s already on, so I figure most of the people going are already there or on their way, and won’t see this blog entry.
But so it goes, on a pleasant Saturday morning…