Some Brief Talkery


I suppose I should remember to put up a link when I’m interviewed somewhere on line, shouldn’t I?
Here’s one—a brief interview about American Gothic, launching next year from Wildstorm.
I don’t think I actually said that bit about “a way of inventing an American mythology.” I think that’s from the same online description of the panel that had me comparing the series of The Outer Limits, which I’ve never actually seen. But American mythologies, known, unknown and interpreted in new ways, are a part of the whole thing, so, well, I’m drawing a distinction that’ll be better understood after people have seen the series, and I suppose I should shut up and let people find that out for themselves.
In any case, here’s me not shutting up.

Oh, and then there was…

We also announced a new series, as well.
I talked a little about it at the con, but now that the con’s over I’m not all that sure what I should say—both because it’s kind of complicated (in a good way) and because it’s not coming out until sometime next year, so now that the announcement’s been made, it may be best to stay quit until we’re closer to launch and there’s more to show.
I will say that it’s coming from Wildstorm, that it’s an ongoing series, that the art you see above is by the astoundingly-talented Connor Willumsen, who’ll be drawing at least the first arc, and that the spiffy logo is by John “Muss ‘Em Up” Roshell of Comicraft.
And that the series will feature not only comics, but also prose fiction by Yr Humble Servant. So you’ll get to see whether I can string words together without an artist to save my ass.
I’ll have to check with the promotional specialists at Wildstorm and DC to see what more can/should be said and when, but for now—looks pretty interesting, doesn’t it?