Your Forbearance is Requested


So, judging from the feedback so far, the new site is going over well.
We do have one hitch, and that’s with the registration process at the forum. You’d think, me being a comics writer and all, we’d have comics fans signing up. But it’s apparently astonishing how many devotees of Marvels, Astro City and Arrowsmith there are at domains like and All those eager comics fans with screen names like goodescort2 and hotlingerie4less.
And how could I leave out my new favorite in the “most unpromising e-mail address known to man” sweepstakes:

Eventually, we’ll update our forum software to include one of those type-the-strange-word-you-see-here dealies, to separate the real actual genuine people who’d like to participate in our forum from those seeking to distribute their own brand of a delicious blend of pork shoulder and ham.
But for the present, if you’re trying to register for the message board, please follow this inelegant-but-effective procedure, as described by our fine webmaster, John Roshell:
1. Click the “Register” link under the Bruiser’s logo and fill out the registration form.
2. Send an e-mail to webmaster-at-comicworldnews-dot-com with the username you have chosen.
3. Check your e-mail for a registration message, and click the link in there to confirm your address.
We manually verify all registrations, so you will not be able to post or reply to topics until we have activated your account, which is usually within 24 hours.

Thanks, and please do register—we’d like to hear from you!