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Written by Dwayne McDuffie, John Rozum, Kurt Busiek, Matt Wayne and Adam Beechen; Art by Denys Cowan, Howard Porter and others; Cover by Howard Porter
Don’t miss the first meeting of Static and Black Lightning, Blue Beetle and Hardware, The Spectre and Xombi and more titanic team-ups from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #24-26, plus stories from HARDWARE #16, STATIC #12 and XOMBI #6.
DC Universe 160pg. Color Softcover $17.99 US

That’s DC’s catalog description of the latest TPB collection of The Brave and the Bold. In this case, it collects a three-issue arc teaming DC characters and Milestone characters, backed up with three single-issue reprints from the Milestone line. My contribution to the volume is the Static issue, one of the two stories I wrote for Milestone (the other being Icon #11). I got to work with artist Neil Vokes, which is always fun, and like we did with Ninjak, we got to do a kind of young-Spider-Man-ish story, with a lot of personality, action, energy and ethical dilemmas, this one introducing the villain (or is he?) D-Struct. D-Struct also appeared in the Static Shock cartoon, though I never actually saw that episode.
I’m happy to see the story coming back into print—it’s not that often that you see one-off fill-in issues from 16 years ago get a new life—but this was a story we were pleased to do and pleased with the results, so I’m glad it’ll get seen by some new eyes. The rest of the book’s good stuff, too.