Design Magic Part II

Remember a few days back, when I showed off a design page from the upcoming new edition of The Wizard’s Tale that we’re not using?
Well, nothing good is ever wasted. Ultimately, that piece led us to the design we’re using on the cover, shown above. Embiggened version available here.
I am filled with buttery love for this cover. I can’t wait until the gorgeous-looking design John Roshell’s been doing on this book becomes a gorgeous-looking object. And the story and art ain’t bad, neither!

Design Magic

A little bit of (unused) design from The Wizard’s Tale.
The Wizard’s Tale is a graphic novel by me and artist David Wenzel (who did the Hobbit graphic novel), about an evil wizard who doesn’t really have the heart to be evil, but it’s a longstanding family tradition. It was originally done for Eclipse Comics, and originally published by Wildstorm after Eclipse went out of business. Now it’s being reissued in a handsome new edition from IDW this January. A bigger book, on better paper, relettered (and rescripted here and there) with completely remastered art color-corrected by Dave to ensure the best fidelity to his originals, a new book design by Comicraft’s Senior Design Wizard John Roshell—and even a new three-page epilogue to the story, by me and Dave. And an updated, improved recipe for Sunshine Cake, to boot!
This bit here, designed by the above-mentioned J.G. (art by Dave, of course), won’t actually be going into the book—we went in a different direction with the title page—but it’s so pretty I had to share.