On Characters & Sandboxes


“I went back and looked at Iron Fist’s origin, and the guy who killed his father had been dealt with, but his mother had been killed by wolves. And he couldn’t exactly get revenge for that. What’s he gonna do, kick some Gil Kane wolf in the chops and say, ‘That’s for Mom, you hairy bastard!’?”

So recently, I wrote about the long (and sometimes odd) list of characters I’ve created for Marvel Comics over the years, from Airborne (two of them!) to Zor. I thought at the time it was just a fun feature—I had the list, why not run it?—but it got picked up by a few sites, and was part of the biggest traffic spike this site has seen in its short history.
And now Newsarama has interviewed me about it, and you can read it all here:
Kurt Busiek: Creating Characters for Someone Else’s Sandbox
The origin of the Thunderbolts! Secrets of Astro City history! A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo by Betty Brant’s mother! More about Fera than you ever wanted to know! Now how much would you pay?
Yeah? Well, okay, me neither. But anyway, it’s free.