Out Today

I should remember to do this on Mondays or Tuesdays, I think…


A week or so back, I said this issue would be late, due to last-minute production problems. But it seems the problems got smoothed out, because I’m hearing from people that it’s out and they bought it. So all of Book Three shipped monthly and on time. Woo-hoo!


This week, the Green Lantern strip flashes back to look at Hal Jordan’s NASA days—yes, that’s right, NASA days—and his rivalry with fellow astronaut-candidate Joe Dillon. More gorgeous artwork by Joe Quiñones!

A Wednesday Review

“Kurt Busiek and Joe Quiñones serve up a beautiful retro Green Lantern, which looks so slick and stylish that I found myself wanting to put down the book to find out what else Quiñones has worked on. Even the logo for Green Lantern gets the retro touch, here, and it looks marvelous.”

—Greg McElhatton, CBR Reviews

Above: Not from Wednesday Comics, but something else Joe Quiñones has worked on. See larger.
[More extensive blogging to come once I can sit up for longer periods; I threw my back out a couple of days ago and am still recovering.]

Jumpin’ Jets!

I don’t think I’m speaking out of school by showing off this gorgeous Joe Quinones page from an upcoming issue of Wednesday Comics, the new weekly DC project that kicks off next Wednesday and runs for 12 weeks. I won’t even tell you which chapter it is in the Green Lantern serial Joe and I are contributing to the project—and while not all of the dialogue has been suppressed, I’m going to guess that RUHH! and ARRARAHHH won’t give away too much of the plot.
I will note, though, that you can see a larger version by clicking here.