It’s Here! And It’s Big!

Katie, reading the new edition of The Wizard’s Tale.
I’m thrilled with this book. As I told our editor, Scott Dunbier today, this is the way we wished it had looked when it first came out over a decade ago—only better. This is a bigger, sharper, sweeter volume than we imagined it could be, back then, and it’s a joy to see it realized like this today.
I’m always happy when I get in a new book I’ve done, but I’m especially happy about this one. It feels like we’ve rescued something that had been lost, and made it new again, and better than it ever could have been back then.
Here’s some more pictures, but believe me, it looks even better in person. The spine, the embossing, the new epilogue…I could have just kept taking pictures all night. [Except that Ann actually took the pictures, and she’d have gotten fed up with me.]
The book.
Dig those endpapers!
The new title spread.
Story pages…
More story pages…
The back cover!