EAGLE Flies Again!


Here I am again to recommend another book!
I’ve worked with Neil Vokes a time or three—not nearly often enough, given his energetic storytelling, charming drawing and fantastic character designs—but after an abortive plan for us to work together on Vampirella, we managed to collaborate on Jack Kirby’s Teenagents, Jonny Demon, Ninjak and Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounter, and we keep making plans to do something else together someday.
Now one of Neil’s earliest works is coming back into print: A collection of the first batch of issues of Eagle, a series he did with Jack Herman (writer of a mess of Robotech and other comics) and fellow artist Rich Rankin. Informed equally by Hong Kong action movies and classic American horror films, with a strong dash of superhero storytelling, it’s an involving series about a mysterious swordsman on a desperate quest into murky and dangerous territories. And it’s a ton of fun.
Here’s a description I stole from the Westfield catalog. Sorry, guys!

Eagle Original Adventures Vol. 01 SC
(W) Jack Herman (A) Neil Vokes, Rich Rankin
Out of print for over two decades, one of the original 1980’s black and white independent comic book classics returns in a deluxe edition trade paperback! Described as Lone Wolf and Cub meets Blade Runner, the series follows the supernatural laced adventure of a man seeking justice along the edge of a sword. Eagle: The Original Adventures collects the first six issues of the groundbreaking series and includes a preview of the new comic book series in development. Packed with special features including an original cover gallery, concept sketches, and editorial pieces from the creative team and artists that were inspired by the series, this collection is an essential for classic comic book fans.

Anyway, if you’re already a Neil Vokes fan, you already know you want this. And if you’re not, it’s a great place to start. Get your pre-orders in now—it’s likely to be hard to find, but it’s worth the effort!

Out This Week!


Written by Dwayne McDuffie, John Rozum, Kurt Busiek, Matt Wayne and Adam Beechen; Art by Denys Cowan, Howard Porter and others; Cover by Howard Porter
Don’t miss the first meeting of Static and Black Lightning, Blue Beetle and Hardware, The Spectre and Xombi and more titanic team-ups from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #24-26, plus stories from HARDWARE #16, STATIC #12 and XOMBI #6.
DC Universe 160pg. Color Softcover $17.99 US

That’s DC’s catalog description of the latest TPB collection of The Brave and the Bold. In this case, it collects a three-issue arc teaming DC characters and Milestone characters, backed up with three single-issue reprints from the Milestone line. My contribution to the volume is the Static issue, one of the two stories I wrote for Milestone (the other being Icon #11). I got to work with artist Neil Vokes, which is always fun, and like we did with Ninjak, we got to do a kind of young-Spider-Man-ish story, with a lot of personality, action, energy and ethical dilemmas, this one introducing the villain (or is he?) D-Struct. D-Struct also appeared in the Static Shock cartoon, though I never actually saw that episode.
I’m happy to see the story coming back into print—it’s not that often that you see one-off fill-in issues from 16 years ago get a new life—but this was a story we were pleased to do and pleased with the results, so I’m glad it’ll get seen by some new eyes. The rest of the book’s good stuff, too.

From the File Cabinet

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Back in 1995, one of the major conventions—I want to say Chicago Con, but I’m not sure—had Peter David as a guest of honor, and asked various people to produce something about Peter for the con book. With the help of Neil Vokes, Richard Starkings and Comicraft, this is what I produced. Sadly, scanned from a somewhat-blurry fax.
That logo’s long gone. They never did fix the Zip-a-Tone…