Through the Mail Slot


I’m just back from the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, and fighting off a sore throat while I try to catch up on sleep. Since I’ve sort of hit the wall for productive work today, I figured I’d attend to the e-mail that’s been coming in to the site.
To start off, David Bieger writes…

Thanks for the insightful article about breaking in without rules.
I went to Syracuse back in the 60’s and had trouble following the rules, too. In fact, we shut down the campus following the Kent State shootings. I lived on Marshall St. and worked part time at Siegel’s Drug Store.
Fast forward, to San Diego. I’ve been here since 1977, and teenagers in a Korean church’s youth group reintroduced me to the wonderful world of comics. They wanted to go to the comic-con but their parents would not take them, so I did.
And I was hooked. My first collection was Marvel’s John Carter, Warlord of Mars. (Frank Miller actually drew one of those issues, before Daredevil.) I also have quite the collection of Marvel Age.
Fast forward again, and I am now on staff at the Con. I work for Clydene Nee in Artist’s Alley. We have been friends for over 15 years. And I have a godson (Joseph, 16 yrs.) who enjoys comics almost as much as he enjoys theater. He’s on staff as well.
We have a story we made up when he was around 7 years old. We call it “The Boy of Seven Wonders.” We’ve also written “Zombies…Twice in a Blue Moon,” and a short story about the Thing and a visit he made to the Black Panther for help with a personal problem.
Kids are great. It’s easy to make up stories when you are around kids.
Your article has encouraged us to make the trip upstairs to the Sails Pavilion this summer and present our work to any editor who will read them.
Thanks for the boost. Hopefully, I’ll run into you this summer at the Con.
Best of luck with it, David—though in my experience, while it’s easy to show art samples at a convention, writing samples work better through the mail. But whatever works. I’ll be a special guest at San Diego this year, so feel free to drop by and say hi to a fellow Syracuse attendee.
And from Sam Fitzpatrick…

I was recently given Astro City volume 1 & 2 for Christmas and thought they were brilliant. I was wondering, though, is there anywhere you can buy posters or prints of Astro City online because there aren’t many comic book shops in Sheffield, where I live.
Thanks for any information you can give.
Very glad you like the books, sir!
But I don’t think we ever did any Astro City posters for commercial sale. There were some promotional posters we did that might turn up on eBay now and then, and there was at least one lithograph—of Alex Ross’s cover to vol. 1 #2, featuring the Silver Agent and Elliot Mills. It’s long ago enough now that I can’t remember whether we did it through Graphitti Designs or Dynamic Forces, though. I really should try to put together a list of all the stuff I’ve been part of—not just books, but things like the Astro City T-shirts, refrigerator magnets and promo items—and catalogue it here on the site somewhere.
In my copious free time.
I did take a quick look at eBy, though, and found these:
Astro City movie poster
Another Copy
Promo Poster
And another copy
Hope that helps!
And the fine folks at, who were behind the mystery Avengers parody I posted about a while back, write to say…

Though isn’t “officially” open, it could use more beta testers. So rather than wait for the official launch, why not give Kurt Busiek fans an advance heads-up about the two parodies we were discussing not too long ago.
Here are the links to them:
THE AVENGERS in “Is There A Doctor In The House?”
VISION & THE SCARLET WITCH in “Hexual Healing”
There’s no nudity to either of them, but I would think the second on is Not Safe For Work, at least for certain workplaces. For mine, where I’m sitting here in a bathrobe, drinking lots of water to try to rehydrate myself and awaiting my wife’s return from the puppy pokey with our dog, it’s no problem, but you probably don’t work here.

Scoop This, Eh?


A reader named Rick writes in:
Hi Kurt,
If anyone can rival Tom Brevoort when it comes to their Avengers history, it’s you.
I’ve been trying to identify what comic books the two attached jpgs were taken from. I thought I’d ask the master, as I’m confident that at least one of them was written by you.
Page 1:
Page 2:
Ideally, I’m looking for the exact issue #. But failing that, a rough guesstimate based on likely storyarc will at least point me in the right direction.
In this case, I don’t think either Tom or I would have to strain our memories—that first page is page 9 of Avengers vol. 3 #4, by me, George Pérez and Al Vey, colored by Tom Smith, edited by Tom. The second is page 10 of #19, same creators. I’d add in the lettering of Comicraft, but someone’s blurred it out for some reason, and what’s under the blurring has been altered from the original script anyway (for instance, Thor doesn’t speak in our version of panel 2 of the second page).
But the copyright notice for “” cracks me up.
Still, there’s you answer, Rick. Hope it helps!
ADDENDUM: Rik writes back in to add:

“Both pages are the subject of parodies published on ScoopThis back in 1999 (hence the blurred text), and will be redone properly in higher res for an upcoming relaunch.”
He also notes that the copyright notice is from back then, as well, when they didn’t really understand what copyright meant.
I’ve seen the full parody now, and it was pretty funny. I’ll post a link here when they’re ready for their Grand Reopening.