Through the Mail Slot


Some of the mail that’s come in since launched…
From Chris Wiedrich:

Will you be attending SDCC this month? If so, will you be doing any signings? I will only be attending on Friday but hope you might make an appearance that day.
Thanks for the time.
You can always see my upcoming con appearances and such by checking Find over on the left to see where I’ll be. I will indeed be at the San Diego Con, Friday and Saturday at least. My schedule’s listed there, but I’ll put it up in a blog post as well.
From Paul Marrack:

I just wanted to point out that on your awards page you left out the Eisner for Best Single that Conan #0 won, or rather shared with an issue of The Goon, in 2004.
Really happy you finally have a website like this. Am looking forward to the announcements of your new projects.
Thanks, Paul. Fixed that award entry; much appreciated.
And there’ll be at least one new project announcement (plus a welcome announcement about another project) at San Diego, at least, and more in time…
From Karen Beilharz

So glad to see you’ve got a website! Friends introduced me to Astro City a couple of years ago and I’ve been enjoying it muchly. Also, I thought ‘Secret Identity’ was one of the best things I read last year.
P.S. Would love to see how you write comic scripts!
Getting some script samples up in the Read section is very much on the things-to-do list. I was going to put up a page of my incomprehensible plot outlining, as well, but I’d just cleared out all the old stuff about a week before the blog launched, and the current outlines I have lying around are for as-yet unpublished work. So I’ll have to do that, but after something’s come out and before I’ve thrown the notes in the recycling bin…
From Crow Truett:

I don’t normally write these things, and you probably don’t read each of these silly fan letters. However, I felt compelled after reading your work on Marvels: Eye of the Camera (I just finished issue 5) to tell you directly (sort-of) that it is without a doubt the most beautiful and touching this I’ve read all year. Thank you for returning to Phil Sheldon. Your portrayal of Phil’s decline is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. When I was younger and read Marvels for the first time I was captivated, and I wondered what could happen next; what would Phil Sheldon think of the “marvels” as the stories told during the eighties and nineties unfolded? Thank you for addressing that, and thank you for making it so human.
Very glad you’ve liked it, Crow!
And on that note, I’ll mention that Marvels: Eye of the Camera #6 is still progressing—and as soon as it’s all drawn, I’m sure Marvel will have the issue and the subsequent collections out post-haste. I’d have preferred it if they’d waited until all six issues could come out on time, but for one reason or another, they chose to get the first five out when they did and the sixth when it’s done.
I do have to say, if there was going to be a delay between any two issues of Eye of the Camera, between #5 and #6 is the best spot for it. So I’m glad of that, at least.