What’s That Address Again?


So the other day, I was in Walgreens to drop off a prescription.

I was walking through the store, headed for the pharmacy counter in the back. Passing the candy aisle, the cookie aisle, the crackers, chips, soda and more. Whatever music they were playing on the in-store audio finished up a song and then there was a short promo from some country or pop duo (I’m guessing it was whoever had done that previous song), saying that they’re [name of band], and they love performing for their fans, but what they want most is for you to be fit and healthy.

And the best way to start that process, they said perkily, was to make great healthy food choices at Walgreens!

About then, I got to the pharmacy counter, and as I was handing my prescription slip to the attendant there, I mentioned how the in-store audio had advised me to get fit and healthy by making great healthy food choices at Walgreens.

She chuckled. “We don’t have any healthy food choices here,” she said.

That’s kinda what I’d been thinking.

Okay, they sell milk.

But if [name of band] thinks food shopping at Walgreens is that first step to health and fitness, I shudder to think what step two is…