Wisconsin Weekend


Just a reminder to let people know that I’ll be at the 2009 Sterling North Book & Film Festival in Edgerton, Wisconsin this weekend. If you’re in the area, feel free to come by, attend my panel, say hi, and so forth. I’ll be doing a primitive slide show in PowerPoint format (my first time using PowerPoint; don’t expect wonders) as I discuss my career and the craft of making comics.
Schedule, map and other such info can be found at the official site, which has been updated with this year’s details (it still says “2008” at the very top of the window, at least in Safari, but the rest of it’s right, I think). I’m still sorry I missed Edgerton’s Chilimania! festival in September, but with guests including Malachy McCourt, Leroy Butler and others, this should be an engaging event on its own.
See some of you there, I hope!

* * *

In other convention news, I’ve just accepted an invitation to be a guest at Comicon International 2010 in San Diego, California, which runs July 22-25. More details as they become available.