Through the Mail Slot


Having just finished up an ASTRO CITY letter column, which’ll go up shortly, I figured I’d check and see what kind of non-Astro City mail we had here in the blog mailbox.


Looks like I haven’t answered any blog mail in a year. Aheh. Sorry.

Let’s do some, and at least make a start on digging out.

First up, from MIKE, on 12/11/12 (yes, just about exactly a year ago):

Just reread AVENGERS: ULTRON UNLIMITED. Masterful entertainment.


Thank you, Mike! And, um, sorry to be so delinquent in responding.

Next, from THOMAS:

Okay, so you get a brother hooked on ASTRO CITY, then it’s gone. I think it’s the best written book of the last twenty years. Please let me know if it will ever be back.

I’m an English prof at a small community college, and I’ve written a few small projects for small comic book publishers. Your work was not only entertaining; it was inspiring. I hope it will return soon.

Thanks, Thomas. Glad to have had an effect, creatively if not as an avatar of productivity.

I hope you’ve noticed by now that ASTRO CITY’s been back since June, and (so far at least) hitting all our release dates. Hope you’ve been enjoying it!

Next, LARRY:

Any DC plans in the near or far future? You’ve been away from the DCU (and the DCNu) for too long. I, for one, would like to see you writing SUPERMAN as I think you could return that book to the proper place it deserves. It has been floundering (to be kind) since the relaunch, I think.

I haven’t been keeping up on Superman lately, but from what I’ve seen online, people seem to be happy with what Scott Snyder, Scott Lobdell and Greg Pak have been doing with the books, so I hope it’s been to your taste.

No ongoing DCU plans for me, at present—though I am still slowly working on BATMAN; CREATURE OF THE NIGHT, the “thematic sequel” to SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY, for which John Paul Leon is doing a masterful job with the art. But beyond that, I’m hoping to concentrate more on creator-owned material, and have a few projects in the works that you’ll get to see begin sometime next year.

So I won’t be diving into the waters of the New 52, but I hope I’ll be able to do other books that’ll capture your imagination and attention…

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It’s Here! And It’s Big!

Katie, reading the new edition of The Wizard’s Tale.
I’m thrilled with this book. As I told our editor, Scott Dunbier today, this is the way we wished it had looked when it first came out over a decade ago—only better. This is a bigger, sharper, sweeter volume than we imagined it could be, back then, and it’s a joy to see it realized like this today.
I’m always happy when I get in a new book I’ve done, but I’m especially happy about this one. It feels like we’ve rescued something that had been lost, and made it new again, and better than it ever could have been back then.
Here’s some more pictures, but believe me, it looks even better in person. The spine, the embossing, the new epilogue…I could have just kept taking pictures all night. [Except that Ann actually took the pictures, and she’d have gotten fed up with me.]
The book.
Dig those endpapers!
The new title spread.
Story pages…
More story pages…
The back cover!

More Wizard’s Tale Talk

A couple of interviews with me about the forthcoming new edition of The Wizard’s Tale have hit the web, so I figured I should link to them here.
Today sees Busiek Concocts a “Wizard’s Tale,” at Comic Book Resources.
And a few days ago, there was Writer Kurt Busiek Tells “An Odd And Ironic Fairy Tale” at Newsarama. [Readers seeing this via my Facebook page already got this link back then, but I never got around to posting it here.]
I think that’s it for the promo interviews on this one, but I’m never sure.

A Wizardly Preview

I’ve showed off some design pages from the upcoming new edition of The Wizard’s Tale, coming in late January from IDW. But now that it’s all done and off to press, I figured I’d show off some of the interior pages—newly lettered, remastered, color-corrected by artist David Wenzel—in all their lush, painterly glory.
So here’s the first eight pages. Click on each page for a closer view.
To be continued!
Just for good measure, here’s the cover…
That’s The Wizard’s Tale, by me and David T. Wenzel. Reissued this January in a handsome new edition from the good folks at IDW. A bigger book, on better paper, relettered (and rescripted here and there) with completely remastered art color-corrected by Dave to ensure the best fidelity to his originals, a new book design by Comicraft’s Senior Design Wizard John Roshell—and even a new three-page epilogue to the story, by me and Dave. And an updated, improved recipe for Sunshine Cake, to boot! Looks great, doesn’t it? Ask for it by name, at comics stores, bookstores or (if you don’t have local options) your favorite online retailer.